Dance and Music Academy

Vahe Global Academy
  • Admission Open for Academic Year 2024-25

    • Extra-curricular Academies:

      VGA believes in a holistic development of a student and our approach is a world-apart from traditional or conventional approaches to schooling. We understand the importance of the’ infinite learning process’- anything which happens in a student’s life, he or she ends up learning. VGA has set up an expansive infrastructure solely for identifying and mentoring sports, arts, music, dance and performing talents.

    • Dance and Music Academy:

      Students are trained in various aspects of music, vocal and instrumental and various forms of dance during and after the school hours. VGA makes sure that the students also get sufficient opportunity to showcase their talents. VGA has joined hands with an acclaimed dance academy so that the training is under their direct supervision.

    • Performing Art Academy:

      If the world is a stage, we make our students create their own success stories. Our performing Arts Academy is equipped to enhance the over-all learning through experience gained in the rehearsal room. We effectively cultivate creative thinking and problem solving abilities, strong social and interpersonal skills, and strong communication skills in children. In essence, through drama, we get them to think better, create better, and express better. We run a year-long programme, from initial design to year-round execution and delivery at each school. We teach drama

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