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  • Knowledge is power

  • Libraries are so important to students. For young students, libraries foster a love of reading and learning. I have fond memories of story time at my local library, and I always looked forward to library day in school. In the classroom, books are either assigned or students choose from a limited selection. The library allows students to seek out books based on their individual interests and reading levels, opening them to new worlds. They also get the chance to learn about how books are classified and about other types of media. Libraries are also lessons in responsibility because students have to care for the books properly and return them by the due date. For older students who do more in-depth research, libraries are especially important. When I was in school it was usually the librarians who helped me find and learn how to use resources to use for the papers I wrote. They showed me how to look up information in everything from online databases to literary criticisms. Some might argue that libraries are becoming obsolete in the electronic age, but I don’t think that is true. There are many resources available in school and public libraries that can’t be found on the Internet–the most important of which is the librarian.
    There is certainly a lot of information to be found online, but a lot of it is misleading or flat-out wrong. In a library, students have access to a lot of high quality information and someone who can help them assess it.

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